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John Deere 7030 Small-Frame Series

John Deere 7030 Premium tractors are designed to shoulder heavy working requirements day in and day out. The full length frame is designed with added durability and strength. The rear drivetrain components are stronger to withstand those punishing work conditions. Traction is increased with a 42″ rear wheel option. PermaClutch 2 uses multiple, large diameter oil cooled discs to eliminate service needs. The result is a high power to weight ratio tractor with a high strength to weight, built for those demanding transport and field applications.

John Deere 7030 Large-Frame Series

Supercharge your operation with a 7030 Series Large-Frame Tractor. At the heart of each machine is a fuel-efficient 6.8 L PowerTech Plus™ engine. Available Intelligent Power Management gives you up to 30 engine hp more in mobile rear PTO and transport applications – automatically. Choose any transmission on any model. You can even choose a 31‑mph (50 km/h) package that’s ideal for transport duty. Best of all, these tractors are ready for your operation’s future. Use larger implements or a wider array of equipment with higher drawbar capacity, greater tire choices, and greater optional hydraulic flow – up to 45 gpm! You’ll gain more productivity in a greater variety of applications.

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John Deere 8R/8RT Series

Meet the new 2011 John Deere 8R/8RT Series, the most intelligent tractors in the world. They sense and adapt to the way you drive and operate them – so you can turn your farm into a more efficient and productive operation. The new ActiveCommand Steering system reacts to your driving, giving you more confidence, comfort, and control. The new PowerTech™ PSX 9.0 L engine handles IT4 emissions compliance so you don’t have to. And with the new JDLink,™ your tractor will send you realtime updates via the web and your cell phone to help you better manage your operation, your machines, and your costs. All told, these tractors are loaded with smart technology that’ll bring big value to your operation.