Tractor Rentals From Bakersfield, CA

Purchasing farm equipment is expensive, especially if you’re just starting out. Fortunately, at Pacific Ag Rentals in Bakersfield, CA, we offer a tractor renting service that can fulfill your needs. We have tractors of every size ready and waiting to go to your farm and get the job done. You just need to tell us which tractor you need and book it.

What Tractors Do We Have?

We carry a wide range of tractor rentals. Our tractors are perfect for light-duty and heavy-duty jobs as well as for those jobs that need extra clearance. The machines range from 30 HP to 600 HP. So no matter how much power you need, we have you covered. We also have different wheel types so that you get ones that will fit the dimensions of your project perfectly.

You have different needs than someone else might, which is why our tractors are perfect for a variety of different jobs. If you have fields of crops, rent our row crop machine. If you have an orchard or a vineyard, we have tractors made specifically for them. All of our equipment is easy to handle and keeps your farm, orchard, or vineyard running the way it should.

Who Can Rent Our Tractors?

While we’re based in California, we rent our tractors out to people all over the United States. We often rent out to people in Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Florida. So no matter if you’re in California on the West Coast or if you’re in the South, we have you covered. All we ask is that you account for travel time when you request a rental.

When you need a tractor rental, use Pacific Ag Rentals. We have branches throughout California and one in Arizona. Use our form below or call us toll-free (866) 727-7368 to request your tractor.

30-115 HP

90-135 HP

115-195 HP

200-380 HP

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400-600 HP

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